The only always on top, 1 task at a time, task manager.

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About OneTask

OneTask is a new way to get things done :
Focus on one task at a time, Stick to it or just skip to the next task.
Be more efficient and relaxed !

Unlike other task management software, OneTask does not rely on priorities or deadlines to sort your tasks.
When you create a task, you have the choice to begin it now or later.
If you feel that a specific task should be postponed, skip it and pick a delay that fits the best.
This task will then only be shown to you again when this delay has passed.


  • Always on top
  • Automatically hide and show
  • 7 different layouts


  • Shows only relevant tasks
  • Loose deadlines : do it ASAP or leave it for later


  • Sound and visual Notifications
  • Send a mail to add a task

How single tasking can improve your productivity ?

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Contact Us

Having trouble using OneTask ? Ask for support by email at:

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback, give us suggestions, or to just say hello!

Help and tips

The software comes with a few keyboard shortcuts to help you create tasks and browse them with the minimum effort :

⌘ N Create a new task
Skip to the next task
⌘ F Search for a task
List of your tasks
esc Cancel the current operation
Global Hotkeys
Ctrl ⌥ T Create a new task
Ctrl ⌥ → Skip to the next task